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An elite group of award-winning digital storytellers who reach an audience of discerning 30-plus UK travellers

We use video, we use blogs, we use ebooks and we use arresting photography.


Above all, we use powerful stories and independent voices to reach travellers seeking new destinations and unusual takes on places they’ve visited before.


We focus on quality, as do our readers and our clients.


We bring the heart and soul of a place to an audience that’s ready to listen.


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The impact of our work goes well beyond the number of followers we have on social media.


But for the record, more than 921,000 people follow Captivate members, giving us a reach of millions on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram.


We also attract more than 437,000 unique visitors to our sites each month.


However we like to gauge our influence in more than just numbers – engagement is one of our measures of a successful campaign – as are bookings. Our readers regularly follow our recommendations, purchasing all manner of travel products as a result.


  • AWC Award
  • BGTW Award
  • Caribbean award
  • Observer awards
  • British travel press awards
  • BBC
  • Nat geo

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